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  • Roofing

    High-quality roofing materials are so important to not only the durability of your roof but also the good appearance. At Excel Home Exteriors, we carry most of the top roofing brands with a lot of color options that can satisfy your desires.


  • Siding

    Like all other projects, most homeowners consider the durability, aesthetics, water resistance, cost, and energy efficiency when it comes to replacing the siding. At Excel Home Exteriors, we have a big selection of high-quality brands with so many colors available for you in both VINYL SIDING and FIBER CEMENT SIDING. We will guide you through all the materials and help you find the right type of siding for your home.

  • Gutters

    It is time to think about replacing your gutters if there are leaks or dents, or separations in your gutter system. Our high-quality seamless gutter system has different sizes and colors available that can fit your needs. Our representatives can help you for the best color combination of your project based on your desires.

  • Fencing

    If you need a high-quality fence for privacy, safety, and curb appeal, we have the solution for you. At Excel Home Exteriors, we have both high-quality wood and vinyl fence of different styles available for you that will satisfy all your desires. Most of our materials have lifetime limited warranty and you also get 3-year labor warranty from us.

  • Painting

    Many homeowners choose to refresh the outlook of their homes by either recoating the existing color or replacing with new colors. It`s not just for the curb appeal you want, having your home well painted also protects your home value. Our painting experts will help you make the right decision of materials and color combinations that you and your families will all love.